Tim Clark and David Enthoven

About Us

ie:music was established in 1992 by two industry veterans, David Enthoven and Tim Clark. The company is focused solely on the management of artists and its philosophy is that their artists’ interests are paramount.

Clark and Enthoven’s mantra: the artist and the fan are the two most important parts of the music industry, everything else is just the gloop in the middle!

In 2016 David Enthoven sadly passed leaving a significant mark on the music industry. Carrying on with David’s legacy, Michael Loney & Daniel Medland became joint directors of ie:music, whilst Tim Clark took the role of chairman.

As the digital revolution flourishes, ie:music propels itself to the forefront of emerging technology, exploring and capitalising on opportunities for our artists. The company embraces digital technology as an extraordinary facilitator of artist – fan communications, as a means of encouraging transparency and of making everything from ticketing to downloading and streaming more effective and efficient.