UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation for children, working in more than 190 countries to improve and save children’s lives. As a champion of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF works around the clock to protect and promote the rights of every child. Founded in 1946, the organisation has been involved in caring for children by providing health care, water, nutrition, education and protection. Responding quickly and effectively to emergencies – be they natural or as a result of war – UNICEF provides life-saving support to local communities, as well as running national programmes to benefit the everyday lives of children.

Robbie Williams began his involvement with UNICEF UK in 1998 after being introduced to the organisation by the late Ian Dury during a visit to Sri Lanka. Robbie became an official UNICEF UK Ambassador in 2001 following a trip to Mozambique, where he witnessed firsthand and raised awareness for the HIV/AIDS and flood disaster which the country was facing. Following a range of lasting contributions to various campaigns, Robbie created and launched the hugely successful Soccer Aid – a televised soccer match between a team of English celebrities and football legends against a Rest of the World team. This has become an important part of UNICEF UK’s appeal for support in the provision of care to children around the world and has seen an extraordinary £12 million since its start.

Since 1998 co-founder of ie:Music Tim Clark has been an avid supporter of UNICEF UK, later becoming a Vice President in 2002. Tim has been involved in various UNICEF initiatives and projects, including active involvement alongside Robbie Williams in the development of Soccer Aid and campaigning against human trafficking. Most recently, he has been working towards the initiative of Ending Child Malnutrition in Liberia – a five year programme focussed on cutting down on malnutrition amongst Liberian children, by creating a model which will hopefully eradicate child malnutrition. Tim Clark has received an OBE in 2008 for his involvement with UNICEF, and strongly believes that every child should be given the best possible start in life and the chances to realise their dreams.


Our mission is to facilitate literacy and prevention around mental health and addiction in the UK music industry and see that anyone in the industry affected by mental ill health or addiction can access effective and timely help, initiate and maintain recovery.
We achieve this through mobilising a highly skilled network of industry peer volunteers and professionals who create safe spaces to receive help, learn, share and be encouraged in the journey of recovery.
Our story is one of authenticity, hope, courage, connection, transformation and helping people to (re)discover the best version of themselves.


ie:music Director, David Enthoven is patron for Steps2Recovery, a revolutionary new charity, supporting the resettlement and rehabilitation of addict ex-offenders leaving prison. Their only requirement is a willingness to recover, having already been introduced to a programme of abstinence in NA/AA meetings during their time in prison.

Steps 2 Recovery aim to break the chain of addiction and re-offending by helping ex-offenders integrate back into society, offering an abstinence-based programme for those who want to recover from addiction. A part of which is helping them to understand the patterns of their behaviour that can lead to re-offending and the importance of including immediate family members in their journey.

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